PHIL in the blank is a web comic where YOU decide what happens next just by using the facebook comment box below.

Think of this as a choose your own adventure game and type what YOU want PHIL to do. The comments with the most likes, or that I like the most, are likely to get drawn next. Let's do it!

DO NOT CLICK if you like cats ... Page 011

PHIL checks his left pocket while he waits, and finds a flyer. When he turns around he slips on his nose blood and tumbles into the hole, like a bald ugly alice in blunderland. PHIL faces a giant furnace that a hobo is shovelling cats into.  PHIL says JESUS CHRIST! (Christ turns around) That's me! PHIL questions why the son of God would be shovelling cats into a furnace.  Christ: Are you kidding?!? Two reasons. First, look at these hideous things. Super cute kitten held by scruff. Second, I use them as fuel in this furnace to power my Tupac hologram. I just don't have it in me to kill him a again.  PHIL says but that hologram is not even plugged in.  Christ says You mean I'm murdering these cats for nothing? Phil says YES!  Christ shrugs, starts shovelling again.  PHIL looks horrified.  Phil says You know some of these cats are pregnant, right? Christ says I know. It's a real time saver!